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Libxode Application Programmer Interface (API)

Libxode Application Programmer Interface (API)

Keith Minkler, Inc.

Table of Contents
1. Memory Pools
Data Structures
xode_pool_new(), and xode_pool_heap() - Creating Memory pools
xode_pool_malloc(), xode_pool_mallocx(), and xode_pool_malloco() - Getting memory from a pool
xode_pool_strdup() - Copying strings with pools
xode_pool_free(), and xode_pool_cleanup() - Freeing Memory Pools
xode_pool_size() - Pool Debugging
2. String Pools
Data Structures
xode_spool_new(), and xode_spool_frompool() - Creating a new spool object
xode_spooler(), and xode_spool_add() -- Adding strings to the spool
xode_spool_tostr() - Getting the whole string
xode_spools() - Convienence wrapper around spool functions
3. XML functions and interface
Data Structures
xode_new(), xode_dup(), xode_dup_frompool(), xode_from_str(), and xode_from_file() - xode creation routines
xode_insert_tag(), xode_insert_cdata(), xode_insert_tagnode(), xode_insert_node(), xode_wrap() -- Inserting XML objects into existing xodes
xode_put_attrib(), xode_get_attrib(), xode_put_vattrib(), and xode_get_vattrib() -- Accessing xode attribute items
xode_hide(), xode_hide_attrib(), and xode_free() -- Removing nodes from an xode
xode_get_pool() -- Accessing an xode's memory pool
xode_get_tag(), xode_get_firstattrib(), xode_get_firstchild(), xode_get_lastchild(), xode_get_nextsibling(), xode_get_prevsibling(), and xode_get_parent() -- Retrieving parts of an xode
xode_get_name(), xode_get_data(), xode_get_dataz(), xode_get_type(), xode_has_children(), and xode_has_attribs() -- Getting information from an xode
xode_to_str(), xode_to_prettystr(), xode_to_file(), and xode_cmp() -- Writing xodes to strings
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