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libxode - XML, Memory, Strings... done right. In C even. Well, perhaps right is too strong a word. Conveniently is probably the best word. Or perhaps usefully. Whatever you call it, libxode is a C library that provides three main features:

XML Parsing  XStreams for parsing XML in a stream
Xodes a highly flexible DOM
On Demand child parsing (well, soon)
xode c, x = xode_from_file("magic.xml");

c = xode_get_firstchild(x);
while( c )
    printf("%s\n" , xode_get_name(c));
    c = xode_get_nextsibling(c);
Memory Pools  Organize related memory into one structure
Save mallocs and frees with heap pre-allocation
xode inx = xode_from_file("example.xml");
xode_pool p = xode_get_pool(x);
xode outx = xode_new_frompool(p);

xode_insert_tag(outx , "ROOTTAG" );
printf("%s\n", xode_to_str(outx));

Spools  Simple handling of strings
Simple concatencation
Utilizes Pools for simple memory handling
xode_pool p = xode_new_pool();
xode_spool str = xode_spool_new( p );
char *myline;

xode_spooler( str, "This" , " will", " be all one", str );
xode_spooler( str, " BIG string.", str );
myline = xode_spool_tostr(str);

xode_pool_free(p); // Everything is cleaned up

Contact info:   Chris Moyer  or  Keith Minkler SourceForge Logo